Hello, Meetup-ers,

  • Games are held Saturday at Noon, inside the Sony Plaza at 550 Madison Ave @ 55th Street.
  • We’re playing Fourth Edition, and familiarity with the Dark Sun campaign setting will be really helpful. If you don’t have access to the book, visit Athas.org to get yourself familiar with the world. Take a look at the “Wiki” tab to learn more.
  • Characters are starting at level 3. Right now I’m handling the DM responsibilities, but we can work out alternative DM schedules if people are interested.
  • We’re starting with an entry-level module next weekend, but moving to a homebrew campaign after that.
  • The current idea is to have the PCs based in a city other than Tyr (maybe Urik, Balic, Nibenay, or Gulg) and to have the story begin after the rebellion against Tyr’s sorcerer-king Kalak. The PCs, inspired by the Tyr resistance led by the group the Veiled Alliance, will be seeking out this underground movement in an attempt to stage a similar rebellion in their city.
  • If you want to play on a Saturday, please sign up on the Meetup page at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Ideas are welcome! Email me jeffdlinehan AT gmail.com and I will put you on our email list. Or you can always leave a comment on the Meetup page.

Veiled Threat

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