Veiled Threat

Gulgan wizards, a mind-dominated rebel, and more damn elves

OK, to recap the events of Saturday’s game:

The party awoke in the comfort of Governor Ariphestenales’ compound and went to the market, where Na Nem had several alcoholic beverages for breakfast. Shara elected for greasier fare, like fried kank mandibles. Hr’ahrek slept in late. Just everyone was going to meet the governor to learn about the Veiled Alliance, mages of the organization the True attacked! Soundly defeated, however, almost as though the DM didn’t anticipate the strength of Character Builder’s feat suggestions…The mages were carrying medallions worn by defilers and templars in the nearby city of Gulg…curioser and curioser…The governor’s ward, the noble battlemind Ereckard, joins the party

Afterwards, the Governor explained that Gulg and Nibenay, normally bitter rivals, had formed a recent alliance now that Kalak’s reign in Tyr has come to an end. What better time for these cities to sack the city and divy up the spoils? The Governor wants to seek the help of Aukash-Pad, a powerful preserver wizard who leads the Gulg sect of the Veiled Alliance; unfortunately, he has heard that Aukash-Pad is under the influence of a tree of life inside Gulg’s nearby forest groves. But while Aukash-Pad believes it is primal power he receives from the Tree, it is, in fact, some sort of ghost, the last remnant of a powerful Defiler from ages past. The only way the Gulg/Nibenay plot can be stopped is if the party removes the influence/curse of the Tree from Aukash-Pad so that he will rally the Veiled Alliance of the Ivory Triangle against the sorcerer kings’ plot!

So, of course, the party said they would help out. They join up with one of the Governor’s family’s merchant caravans to Gulg, wearing disguises as traders. Doesn’t help much, however, when a pack of Moonrunners follow them on the road and swoop down on them in revenge for the killing of their brother, Kaldras! This fight turned out to be much tougher….almost as though the DM was thinking, “I WANT SOMEONE TO BE BLOODIED GODDAMMIT”. The interesting twist to this fight? The caravan leader, who had been so squeamish about fighting in the first place, turns out to be a defiler! He asks the party to please keep his secret for safe passage. You begrudgingly agreed.

Next time (the 27th, remember) the party will arrive in Gulg and need to establish contact with Aukash-Pad. Then, of course, the Tree has to be located. And what about this defiler who helped get you there? Has the party finally gotten rid of those pesky elves? To be continued!


I got bored and did some sketches from Saturday, realizing how each halfling could be a foil for the other.
city halfing country halfling


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