Veiled Threat

In which true nerds roleplay cleaning houses and yardwork

Aukash-Pad told the newly-Veiled Alliance-admitted party that you would need some sort of proof that the templar leadership of both Gulg and Nibenay are in cahoots. His best advice – although the party strongly resisted the idea – was that you make use of the shadowdy Kentu Tuk, a black-market dealer and all-purpose assassin in the red-light-district Drum Circle. He would be more than willing to sell the party into slavery for use in the Red Moon Hunt. Aukash Pad guessed that if you were taken into the Paper Nest district, where the nobles live and gather, you might come across proof. However, you only have a few days before the nobles set you loose in the forest for a Running-Man-esque game of class ascension by decapitation. Sure enough, you guys came across some incriminating letters while cleaning one noble’s house. Later, when trimming her hedges (ahem, unintended pun), you heard her implicate the name of a prospective noble who would be at the Red Moon Hunt. Later, when you were cleaving down unsuspecting ambitious, yet very fragile, nobles at the Hunt, you finally came upon a man with the same name (it escapes me now). He begged for you to spare his life, and promised he would meet you outside the hunting grounds as soon as the ritual was over. Perhaps now that this guy is a noble he’ll have backstage access to get you to the bottom of this little scheme…



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