Veiled Threat

Tree Hugger Mind Control, Do Bears Run Thru the Woods, and, I Don't Have Any $$$, but Would You Like Some of This Meat?

Our adventurers returned after a 2 week break to finally enter the City of Gulg and seek out the Veiled Alliance. The Governor of Altaruk had charged you with stopping the building alliance between the two Ivory Triangle cities to take advantage of the newly-liberated, but somewhat disorganized, Tyr region. First, however, you would need to break the spell dominating the mind of the VA’s Gulgan leader, Aukash-Pad.

The party slipped by the city gates with little resistance, holding the threat of exposing their caravan leader for the defiler that he really was over his head. Once in the city market, to get in the attention of the preserver rebellion, they began asking around for common spell components, eventually finding a shifty alchemist who led them into his interior stall. After the party showed him the blood-soaked medallion worn by the True wizards, he accepted the party’s story and told them to go to a babob tree grove outside the city, where the VA made its underground lair.

After passing the scrutiny of a gruff thri-kreen guard, the party finally met the somewhat obsessed and insane Aukash-Pad, who babbled on and on about the Tree of Life. Nearby wizards rolled their eyes. Eventually, he decided to test the PCs mettle by demanding that they “hunt” him in the forest. And without another word, he turned into a huge black bear and ran into the woods. The party gave chase, tracking him thru a forest grove with an awfully suspicious looking babob tree. While Janet and Wade kept on the bear’s toes, Dave disabled a trap door at the foot of the tree, notice signs of defiler magic – dead vegetation – all around it.

Eventually, the party subdued the bear form enough for Aukash Pad to come out of it, and welcome the party to Gulg officially. Of course, he didn’t take too kindly to their suspicions about the tree. Later, the party crept down below the babob tree, and found an underground cavern housing the supposed “Tree of Life.” Sure enough, when Wade took a drink from a fountain basin in front of it, the spirit of a long-dead defiler – the same spirit dominating Aukash Pad’s mind – came on out and shot lots of lightning at everyone, teleported, and kept getting bugged out whenever Wade would talk to him telepathically. Jane dealt some fairly insane damage throughout. Aukash Pad rushed on in, and after Jane gave him a smack of her axe, he was newly freed, and screamed, KILL THE TREE, KILL THE TREE. Everyone obliged.

Now that the sect leader is saved, he will finally turn to the growing threat and find a way for the party to stop the Ivory powers from threatening the one chance the Alliance has for freedom in the Tyr region! Epicness.



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